Rewire your Brain for Success and Abundance

Your work life is boring, and your marriage has grown stale. The diets you’ve tried for the last ten years have gotten you nowhere, and you feel tired, worn out, and unproductive. It’s time for a change, but not one prescribed by another self-help podcast or Instagram influencer. You need a real solution—one that will help you rediscover the real you.

Sometimes the change you need isn’t in the steps you take, but in the perspective you hold. Dr. Chris Boman understands this well. For years, he’s worked as a chiropractor focused on helping his patients bring life back to their bodies rather than take disease away. Now, in Perspective, he shows you how to identify the mindsets holding you back with a combination of clinical science, practical strategies, and thought-provoking questions. Through root-cause analysis, Dr. Chris shows you where—and why—problems originate so you can uncover the sources of stress in your life and make intentional decisions to achieve your goals. Whether you want to feel better, fulfill your potential, or embrace professional change, now you can with this inspirational guide for finding your passion and sharing it with the world.